• Thomas Dempsey

    "As a growing hockey player, I always look to improve my game. In order to play at the next level, I have learned to take responsibility for my growth and understanding of the beautiful game of hockey more seriously. At HMH, I was able to train with the best and start to become the best possible hockey player that I can be. I was pushed to a whole new level, but at the same time, there was a sense of fun and enjoyment. I felt uncomfortable at times when learning new techniques, but to get out of your comfort zone is what training is all about. I was supported by Ryan Hand and I trusted that he would help me become a better hockey player. I will admit, I was a little nervous skating with him the first time, but just after the first few minutes, I knew I was in for a special treat. Training at HMH brought fun and satisfaction to a whole new level, and I could not be more happy that I chose to skate with him."

       -Thomas Dempsey - Groton School USHSPrep

  • boivin
    "I have had the privilege to work with Ryan for the past 3 years. He’s been my trainer, coach, mentor and someone I could rely on to bring me to the next level. He is advanced with both his hockey knowledge and skills to develop players. Ryan is also a great person and brings a great atmosphere when walking into the rink everyday. Ryan is always there for every one of his players and is willing to help with anything.  He will push you to your limits and will teach you great skills that you can translate to your game."
    -Tyler Boivin - Tigres de Victoriaville QMJHL
  • Charlie

    "I've been apart of a lot of summer development programs over the years but none have helped me as much as HMH. Ryan is consistently looking for areas to better my game, whether I'm home or I'm at school. The cool part about HMH is they are always looking to improve their craft in order to help players improve theirs. He understands the importance of fundementals and focuses on the small details that go a long way. His level of dedication to the players he trains is unmatched, and I really look forward to seeing what he's got in store for me when I get back home."


    -Charlie Levesque - UMass Lowell NCAA Div.1


  • janko

    "...His knowledge of the game and his willingness to put maximum effort into improving every single player’s skill-set began to pay dividends as the season progressed. After only a handful of Ryan’s skills practices, the positive changes within our team became very obvious. Because of his passion and the energy he brought to the rink each and every day, all of our players were thrilled each time we heard that Ryan would be running our practice that day. Personally, I found working with Ryan to be so helpful that I began working with him away from our team in more private sessions. Whether it was skating, passing, stickhandling, or shooting, Ryan helped improve my overall game this past season immensely. By the end of our season, every single player on our team had improved so much. I would recommend working with Ryan to everyone, as I know my teammates would as well. That is a testament to his teaching ability, his positivity, and his outstanding character."

    -David Jankowski - St.Lawrence University NCAA Div.1

  • denomme

    “Hand Made Hockey training has helped me improve my game a lot in a short amount of time. I’ve only spent 1 summer with Ryan and his team and they’ve done more than enough. Not only do they provide great drills and practices, they also teach you the right mechanics and techniques in order for you to have success at the next level. I’ve enjoyed every minute of being on the ice with Handmade hockey and still reach out as much as I can for advice on my game and how I can get better every day.”

    -Graham Denomme - Kanata Lasers CCHL